New trailer for "The Croods"

Emma's new interview with Refinery29

[...]So, it goes without saying that we (and every person we know) were thrilled to have the chance to sit down and talk beauty with her, in honor of the launch of Revlon's new Nearly Naked makeup (in stores in January). Read on to learn all about Stone's skin care routine, her favorite Revlon product, and the hair color she loves most — and prepare to fall just a little bit more more in love with everyone's favorite leading lady

So, tell us all about this new foundation.
"Well, I like it because I break out all the time, and so I have to wear foundation daily, and it ends up being really thick. But, this [formula] lets me show off my freckles...which is a good thing."

Have you always embraced your freckles?
"No, not so much. I used to spray tan a lot when I was a teenager. The last time I got spray-tanned was for the Golden Globes. And I was like 'I love spray-tanning so much.' I still really like it. But it definitely makes me look like I have leprosy, after a point."

New fanpic of Emma having dinner with Taylor Swift and Diana Agron at the Crosby Street Hotel, Dec 6

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New Q&A with Glamour from December 5th

Everyone, prepare to fall in love with Emma Stone. I snagged a few minutes with the star (and Revlon spokesperson) yesterday and got to pick her brain about her hair, makeup and nails--all things beauty. And since we covered a LOT of ground, I bolded some of the highlights for you antsy-types.

TGIBD: I know that you put together a PowerPoint presentation for your parents to get them to let you start acting. I’m wondering if it was as hard to get them to let you wear makeup for the first time?

Gorgeous New Pictures of Emma from December 1st 2012

Source via @AGarfieldmylove

from the source:

" ...I took these yesterday in Venice.  She walked into an event I happened to be attending and I was taking personal photos as I do almost daily.  I looked up and there she was! I do not know her, nor did I speak to her.  She was with Andrew Garfield and everyone left them alone.  I only took about a dozen candids."

Old outtakes now in a better quality and untagged

Mean Magazine 2008 Outtakes in a much better quality and untagged
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