Interview of Emma with Indiewire

Emma Stone was deliriously tired when Indiewire called her up over the weekend to discuss her performance in "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)," Alejandro González Iñárritu's surefire Oscar contender that's been a hit with arthouse audiences in recent weeks. And rightfully so. On Tuesday, the actress officially took over for Michelle Williams as Sally Bowles, in Broadway's hit revival of "Cabaret." When we when we spoke to her, she was in the midst of final rehearsals before her big night.

Her Broadway debut marks another astonishing achievement for the 26-year-old, who at this point in her still young career has already worked with Woody Allen (twice), hosted "Saturday Night Live" and been nominated for a Golden Globe. If the awards prognosticators are to be trusted, she'll likely earn her first Oscar nomination for her fiery performance as Michael Keaton's troubled daughter in "Birdman." 

You must be in crazy rehearsal mode for "Cabaret."Yeah, I start Tuesday. The show starts Tuesday.

I caught you at a really exciting time, I'm sure.
Yeah. [Laughs.] Yeah, an overwhelming and exciting time. How are you?

I'm good!
Good. I'm, I guess, a little delirious. It's not even exhaustion. It's just kind of delirium. I feel like I'm hallucinating all the time. [Laughs.]

New Picture of Emma as Sally Bowles from the Kit Kat Calendar


New Fan Picture of Emma on stage at Broadway as Sally Bowles


New Fan Pictures and Videos of Emma outside Studio 54 in NYC

November 16th

New HQ Pictures of Emma arriving at Studio 54, November 11th

New fan picture of Emma in NYC (11/11)

NEW Intervew of Emma with HitFix

Ladies and gentlemen, Emma Stone has come out of the "Amazing Spider-Man" fire and survived.

After almost three years of pretty much filming the Sony franchise flicks back to back, she's finally getting to stretch her wings again. The latest reminder of her incredible talent is her performance as Sam, Michael Keaton's big screen daughter in Alejandro González Iñárritu's "Birdman." The drama, centered on a former Hollywood superstar (Riggan Thompson) attempting to revive his career on Broadway, is one of the most acclaimed films of the year. Stone brings an unexpected depth to Sam and she's generated serious Best Supporting Actress buzz for her work.

The second reminder is her upcoming stint as Sally Bowles in the Broadway revival of "Cabaret."  Stone was originally supposed to star in the new production last spring, but had to take a mental break for a few months after being in a 24/7 "Spider-Man" world. She bowed out and none other than Michelle Williams substituted for her at the last minute. While other actresses would be afraid to replace someone else in a current show, Stone is karmically making this right by stepping in after Williams' run ends this week.

Stone took some time on Sunday to talk to HitFix about "Birdman" and, specifically, that final scene she'll be asked about for years.

HitFix: I was moderating a Q&A with your "Birdman" producer John Lesher this weekend and he mentioned something I was unaware of, that you were shooting this movie and "Spider-Man 2" at the same time.

Emma Stone: Well, since "Spider-Man" was a six-month shoot I had like a month of downtime in the middle of the shoot so "Birdman" was in that month.

He actually sounded like he was afraid there were days they were going to steal you away and it was going to affect the production.

This is less exciting, but I feel like I had the full month off guaranteed, but maybe I didn't. Honestly, my mind is like the mind of 116-year-old person that has bad memory. I do not remember what has happened in my life as a whole. [Laughs.] So I don't remember how it went back then. I do remember it was during "Spider-Man 2."

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