Emma to star in Cameron Crowe's romantic comedy, Deep Tiki


According to THR, it should start filming in the fall.
Cameron Crowe has settled on his next movie -- a yet-to-be titled romantic drama starring Emma Stone. Crowe's reps confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Sony has picked up the project, based on Crowe's original script. Scott Rudin will produce, with Crowe hoping to start shooting this fall. The hunt is now on for a leading man.
Reese Witherspoon and Ben Stiller were attached to the movie but it seems like they aren't anymore.
Here's a brief synopsis of the project from Movie Insider but it's from 2008 so some things might be different now. We'll post more infos when we get them.
Synopsis: Ben Stiller stars as a disgraced U.S. military weapons consultant who is deployed to a dormant base in Hawaii to supervise the launch of an advancedspy satellite as a response to aggression from China. Once there, he starts to discover himself and the relationships he left behind against thebackdrop of mythical island lore and cold war-esque diplomacy.
 Source: Variety

Adorable New fan picture of Emma and Andrew in Bhutan


Emma wins at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

Emma won 2 Teen Choice Awards out of the 4 categories she was nominated in.

Choice Movie Actress: Drama Emma Stone for The Help  
Choice Movie Actress: Comedy Emma Stone for Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Congrats Emma!


'The Amazing Spider-Man' Grabs $35 Million On Tuesday


Wednesday Update: Sony reports that The Amazing Spider-Man is off to a strong start with $35 million on Tuesday. An official number will come in later today. Tuesday Update: Sony reports that The Amazing Spider-Man is off to a decent start with $7.5 million from midnight shows at a total of 3,150 locations, $1.2 million of which came from 300 IMAX locations. Comparable midnight openings include Iron Man 2 ($7.5 million) and Paranormal Activity 3 ($8 million).


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'Amazing Spider-Man' Nets $7.5 Million at Midnight


The Amazing Spider-Man earned an estimated $7.5 million from midnight shows last night. Among comic book movies, that's much lower than The Avengers ($18.7 million) and The Dark Knight, but about on par with Iron Man 2 ($7.5 million). Sony is also reporting that the figure is identical to Spider-Man 3's midnight haul from the first weekend of May 2007. IMAX showings at 300 locations accounted for $1.2 million, or 16 percent of the gross

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Emma Stone on the cover of Vogue UK August 2012

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