World Cancer Day 2013 Video

February 4 is World Cancer Day. A day when people across the globe take a stand against a disease that's affected us all -- mothers, fathers, friends, grandparents, and, heartbreakingly, even our children. Join the global movement. Download your "I stand up for placard" at and tell the world who you honor when you Stand Up To Cancer.

Featuring Tim McGraw, Emma Stone, Konstantin Kryukov, Vanessa Williams, Eric Stonestreet, Carson Daly, Ethan Zohn, Brian Williams, Naya Rivera, Jesse McCartney, Bill Hader, Missy Franklin, Seth Rogan, Jon Heder, Marlee Matlin, Dr. Ana Maria Polo, Tom Hanks, Dana Delany, Jordana Brewster, Samuel L. Jackson, Joshua Jackson, Katie Couric, and Alison Sweeney.

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