Emma, Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx to appear on the Ellen Degeneres Show - April 4th


Swinging in from one of biggest movie sets in Hollywood for a talk-show exclusive, the cast of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is here! All the energy, excitement and superpowers from one of the year's most highly-anticipated movies will soar onto Ellen's stage when ANDREW GARFIELD, EMMA STONE and JAMIE FOXX join her for a party! With each cast member comes a world all its own; Andrew's mystery, Emma's charm, and Jamie's mischief make them a dynamic force. The trio will give our host a preview of what's to come when the Marvel legend flies into theaters. Higher stakes, fantastical stunts and a gorgeous team of talent will bring the next generation of Spider-Man to life, and Ellen will be one of the first people in on the secrets! A spectacle awaits! 

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