Transcript of Fandango's Twitter Q&A with Emma

Q: What's your favorite scene from The Amazing Spider-Man? #AskEmmaStone @GwenStacyParker @SpiderManMovie 
ES: I love the scene where Peter and Gwen reunite in union square. #butterfliez

Q: What sort of inspiration or research did you use to prepare for the role? #AskEmmaStone @JoshKnoll5000 @SpiderManMovie
I read the comics, learned about biology, and visited some science #oxfordcomma

Q: What do you like best about playing Gwen Stacy? #AskEmmaStone @arunjaddu @SpiderManMovie
Answering these twitter questions! #hashtags

Q: What's been your favorite part of working on the Spider-Man movies? #AskEmmaStone @Mellis287 @SpiderManMovie
Spiderman is a universal hero so it's been really fun to be part of something so big and the craft service table!

Q: Just saw the epic Amazing Spiderman2 trailer! If you could be a superhero who would you be? #AskEmmaStone @vmanchulenko @SpiderManMovie
Michelangelo (ninja turtle) because he's a party dude. And he loves pizza and I love pizza. #splinter #pizza

Q: Were you a fan of the comics or any animated shows of Spider-Man growing up? #AskEmmaStone @MarkRobirds @SpiderManMovie
I wasn't but when I started researching for the role.  I read all the comics and quickly became a fan. #marvelmaven

Q: Who are some people you look up to in your life? #AskEmmaStone @manders4lyfe @SpiderManMovie
Bill Murray #billmurray

Q:This was your first time returning to play the same character again. How was that experience? #AskEmmaStone @PigsBlood13 @SpiderManMovie 
It was really great to come back to playing Gwen. It was fun to go to work with the same cast and crew. We all felt like a family #famlyfe

Q: Would you like to become a director later on? #AskEmmaStone @JoseGBustos @SpiderManMovie
Not sure if I'm cut out to direct but I'd love to produce #weinstein

Q: How has Gwen developed since the ending of the first film? #AskEmmaStone @Tom_Wright123 @SpiderManMovie
Gwen is graduating and getting ready to go to school and study medicine. #followingherdreams

Q: Do you have a fav superhero? #AskEmmaStone @Nene_betta @SpiderManMovie
Spiderman! #spon

Q: Who's your favorite SpiderMan villain? #AskEmmaStone @aalicealici @SpiderManMovie
My favorite is the green goblin because I think he is the spooky/scariest #warewolfbarmitzvah

Q: Do you ever get nervous whilst filming? #AskEmmaStone @EmmaStoneMyGirl @SpiderManMovie
I see your "whilst" and raise you "whom" #madrespect

Q: Was there anything physically demanding in this movie for you? #AskEmmaStone @_CassieDay @SpiderManMovie
No. #justkiddin #ididwirework #butonlyalittle #spon


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