Kristen Stewart mentons Emma in a new interview with Wonderland Magazine

     [...] This year will see Stewart in three new films, including Equals, a futuristic love story, with Nicholas Hoult, and the comedy American Ultra, a sleeper-cell stoner movie, in which she stars alongside Jesse Eisenberg (who was also her co-star in 2009's Adventureland.) "It's like The Bourne Identity for anyone who liked Adventureland," she says of American Ultra. For such a diverse filmography, this is her first truly comedic role, and you can tell she's nervous about it. "I hope that I'm funny in it," she says with endearing candour. "I hope I complement Jesse, because he's hysterical. But I take everything so seriously!" she laughs. "I don't know... my friends think I'm funny, but like, if Emma Stone played the part, she'd be fucking hilarious." It's not often that you encounter a Hollywood actress so humble as to compliment a peer's talents above her own. But this is common of Stewart. 

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