Sienna Miller mentions Emma in a new Interview with Vanity Fair


Did you see Emma or Michelle when they were in it, or talk to them before you started?

I saw Emma. Before I saw Emma, I saw an understudy do it, Andrea, who was great. Emma was on hand and has remained on hand and has been completely open and brilliant and just is such an amazing person. She warned me of the challenges and pitfalls that she felt. Talked me through stamina and gave me vitamin infusion numbers. And left me throat spray and stuff and all of the things that got her through the show. It was really sweet.

Are you conscious of trying to give the role your own spin, in comparison to anyone who has played it before, or is that not something you worry about?

There’s no real way of doing an impersonation in this part. Emma was brilliant, and she was also completely different, I think, from what I’m doing. By all accounts, Michelle was completely different from what [Emma] was doing. We all are complexly different, and that’s according to the cast. This part, it sort of has to be your own version. It’s really bottomless, and it’s really open for interpretation, and there really are a million different ways that you can go with it.


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