'The Amazing Spider-Man'' Press Conference in Moscow photos & transcript Jun 15, 2012

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Press Conference transcript:

- 14:43 The press conference ends
- 14:43 Garfield is asked to say the name of the film in Russian, he perfectly copes and the hall exploded with applause.
- 14:40 Again sequels question. Avi Arad is asked about the participation of Spider-Man in "Avengers." The producer says that this character is quite different, and it does not fit into teams of other superheroes. The main thing - it's an interesting story, everything else can be modified, according to Arad.
- 14:38 Emma Stone talks about the love pattern. Her character brings lot of emotions in the story, without which the hero wouldn't be discovered.
- 14:35 Garfield tells which stunt was the most difficult  for him. He was preparing for most dangerous scenes for a long time. The actor practices a lot and hopes that viewers will believe in the super-powers of his hero. According to him, the film has a lot of action scenes, and the fans will be satisfied.
- 14:33 Avi Arad talks about idols, about Andrew Garfield. The film's producer says that the actor is very important to this story. The are emotions passing through him, but he is responsible for the image of his hero, the popularity of Spider-Man. It is always a big responsibility, says Arad.
- 14:31 Rice Evans answers the question about the villains in the movie and in real life he would have sued the corporation Oscorp. His character is not a villain. (laughs)
- 14:28 Garfield explains the universality of Spider-Man. It seems to him that any person may present themselves in the form of his hero. It is interesting because everyone wanted to be a superhero at time.
- 14:28 Rice Evans joked that for his hero it would be much easier to hunt in Moscow.
- 14:26 Someone asked about the sequel and about New York. The first question remained unanswered, and about New York Webb says that its [the city] one of the most important elements of the movie.
- 14:24 Emma Stone says that she really enjoyed working with Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield. On the set everyone was amazing user-friendly. The new film has given her great experience.
- 14:22 Webb once again talks about the emotions in the film. The director mentions his film "500 Days of Summer." According to him, in some ways they are similar movies.
- 14:21 When asked how Andrew Garfield responded to this proposal, the actor says that he got drunk. The whole audience was laughing.
- 14:19 Finally, a word takes Andrew Garfield. He speaks about the importance of Spider-Man for the audience. He was honoured when was invited to this role. Garfield said he was waiting for this 25 years - it is his dream.
- 14:17 Matt Tolmak says that the perfect image adds great drama in the movie, it shows a totally different perspective than all the comics heroes.
- 14:16 According to the director, the audience should feel the main character, his experiences and incredible power, super abilities.
- 14:15 The film comes out in 3-D, Webb notes the importance of three-dimensional images for the film. Spider-man - the hero, who was created for this format.
- 14:13 Marc Webb talks about the new film, his view of history. It is a very important background and all the details of the main characters.
- 14:12 The room explodes with applause.
- 14:11 When the movies are about superheroes, all of the guests are waiting for a super appearance. The stars are coming through the door.
- 14:08 All seats in the hall are occupied, the journalists eagerly waiting for the guests.
- 14:06 In Moscow are all the stars of one of most anticipated blockbuster of the summer: the film's director Marc Webb, the main characters of the movie - Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Evans, and producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmak.
- 14:06 In a few minutes will start the press conference with the creators and the cast of of the "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Press Conference Source | Transcript by emmastonefan with Google Translate
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