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“All that sun outside and the AC is freezing in here!” It’s a very sweet complain. GQ is face to face with Emma Stone. Tight black dress, shy neckline, hair was so red (blonde nowadays) skin as white as it looks, but like a china doll. Black jacket on her shoulders, to lessen the cold. OK, we know it’s a privilege. After all it’s an exclusive interview for GQ at Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro – sorry dear buddies journalists. And OK, we would do anything to get Emma warmer, but no suggestion would pass easily through her fast mind and answers. To make her stutter only talking about Andrew Garfield, the boyfriend and Spider Man of today – whom we’ll see on screen on the 3rd of July here. But we don’t need a lot to see her again – she revealed her brother is obsessed with Brazil.

 Do you feel tired going from a country to another to promote the movie?
Not at all! It’s incredibly interesting! You have the opportunity to meet people from the most different places in the world and go to places you’d never be able to for free, which is insane. And they pay for your room service so you can have whatever you want, it’s amazing (laughs)! I can’t complain. But the timezones between countries is crazy. We were in Tokyo, Moscow, London, then Paris in one week…  
You look like one of the “Woody Allen girls”…
 What? Don’t say that. I’m gonna cry… (laughs)  
Is there a special director you would like to work with?
I love all Cameron Crowe movies. The way he marries the music to the scenes is incredible, and I love Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous. They’re amazing movies… Woody Allen too, definitely.  
Last week (this interview was February) you were elected one of the most sexy women on the planet according to Askmen.com. How do you feel about it?
Really? You’re the first person to tell me this…  
Yes, it’s true, you were the 6th…
That’s crazy. This is the first time I’m hearing about it so thank you for telling me (laughs). It’s amazing, very nice…  
Lately Hollywood hasn’t explored so openly actress’ sexiness. The characters don’t have their bodies so exposed. Do you think the film industry is changing?
I don’t know. I, particularly, don’t accept parts like that. I’m the way I am and I can’t tell, I don’t know if it’s something that’s changing. But I think it’s good that people keep their clothes on…  
But would you have a problem, in the future if offered, with a role you'd need to make a nude scene?
Of course I would do [the scene], but never if I'm not comfortable. It hasn't been long that Spider Man had its trilogy filmed by Sam Raimi. Do you think it's weird that it's already coming back to the theaters from the beginning?
 It's like in a fairytale. Every movie is made from a fairytale, and each director, each screenwriter have their own vision of this story. So I don't think it's weird because (it's a Spider Man) totally different. My character is completely different from Mary Jane... This is my perspective. It's a new era for the character. A completely different story.  
Gwen Stacy is one of the characters with the most dramatic story inside the Spider Man universe. How can you describe her knowing she doesn't have a happy ending?
Gwen is surrounded by death all the time. Her father is always taking risks, her boyfriend is always in danger... I believe as the result, she's always in control of her life, she's very responsible, she's a student who plans a future for herself. She believes a lot in her future, but ends up falling in love with this man, with this boy that's turning into a man. Then things start to get a bit more tragic...  
You started with more indie movies like Zombieland and Easy A, and now you're starting on the blockbusters market like Spider Man. Is there a big difference working with smaller projects and big productions?
It doesn't matter what you're doing, it's always scary in some way because you have to give birth to a character, and it's always different. This one, especially, because the crew is huge and I had never have to participate of interviews around the world to talk about big movies that's going to premiere in six months (laughs)... Spend six months filming... But in the end of the day, after shooting you end up with the same mission like in every movie, try to pass on [the scenes in] the most realistic way possible. When you found out you had been chosen for the part of Gwen Stacy what did you feel? I was so happy, honored... The same way you feel when you're chosen to be part of any movie, with the exception that, in this case, five minutes after everyone was already talking about it on the internet (laughs)... So it was something really crazy.  
We know you're not only a fan, but you've seen all Marvel movies of heroes. Which one is you favorite?
I love Spider Man. Of course now more because I'm so into this universe, but mostly, because from all the heroes he's the most ordinary. He's just a boy, in some way, doesn't fit the standards, so it's the most extraordinary story.  
We heard that Matt Tolmach, one of the movie directors, said you and Andrew Garfield had a great connection on set. How was to work with him?
It was incredible. He's a fantastic actor. The Spider Man he plays is completely different, the way he brought it to life is amazing, so it was really good to work with him. I was really lucky.  
The fact that you're dating makes any difference when you're acting?
(The actress pauses, and thinks before replying) He's an amazing actor, I don't know... I don't know. He's incredible. And it was great to work with him anyway.  
I believe you haven't needed too many bodyguards yet to walk around so the paparazzi don't bother you too much. But are you prepared for when the movie is out?
Oh my God! I can't imagine how's that is going to be. This is the kind of thing I'll set aside and see when they in fact happen...  
Do you think it's important to make different styles of movies, like the comedy Crazy, Stupid Love, and the drama The Help? Do you try to balance your choices?
It's good to make different things. But I don't know if I plan this way how my career will develop. I like to be picked for any movie. When it happens that I make a completely different one from the one I've just made I think it's great, but I can't say it's on purpose. The way things happen...  
You told GQ Brazil that at some point in your life you'll come with your brother to explore Brazil. Do you still intend to do that?
Definitely. He wants to come to Brazil more than any other place.  
But why Brazil?
I don't know! I ask him where he wants to go and he just answers Brazil. So that's what we'll do, definitely, at some point.  
Tell GQ men: how's the perfect man?
A perfect man for me is funny, understanding, loyal, no lies...

Source via emma-stoners and special thank you to Bee ♥♥♥♥♥ for the translation

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